Kalekim Grouting - 2600 Fugaflex


• High performance (high resistance to abrasion and reduced water absorption), cementitious flexible grout for 6 to 20 mm joints.


• 20 kg multi-ply paper bags.

Field of Application

• Grouting interior and exterior floor and wall in all types and sizes of ceramic tiles, granite, cotto, clinker, glass mosaics, marble, natural stone, antıqued marble for 6-20 mm joints.
• Grouting wet places like swimming pools, water tanks,
• Grouting places where sudden temperature changes and heavy traffic exist like facades, terraces, over-floor heating installations, warehouses.


• Approved to be used in contact with water intended for human consumption.

• High flexibility.

• Good compressive and flexural strength and good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles.

• Low water absorption.

• A rustic final surface.

• Very good abrasion resistance.

• Low shrinkage, therefore the absence of cracks and fissures.

• Ultra-violet and atmosphere resistant 12 different colors.